We are excited and honored that you are considering Children’s Healthcare Associates for your future pediatric healthcare needs!

It is always special for us to be invited by new parents to join in the care of a new baby. The continuity of care and the amazement of watching a baby grow and develop into a wonderful child is one of the primary reasons that we all feel privileged to work in pediatrics

We understand the importance of choosing the right pediatric providers and the right pediatric office for your family. To help with this process, we welcome you to schedule a free prenatal visit to meet with one of our providers, or a nurse can speak with you over the phone.   Please call our office at (806) 468-4350 during regular office hours Monday through Friday 8am -5pm to schedule a prenatal visit.

Due to our growing practice, we have decided not to continue to see patients in the hospital. We are focusing our time on our clinic.

When you deliver at a hospital, your baby will receive a daily exam by the hospital pediatrician who will also visit with you and answer any questions you have regarding your new baby. Upon discharge from the hospital, the pediatrician will recommend an appropriate follow-up appointment with our office within 1-3 days from the hospital. Simply call the office prior to discharge to schedule your first visit at (806) 468-4350. Please let the hospital physician know who your pediatrician is so they can forward their notes to our office.